Consultations the Wow Factor Way

There is a lot that goes into listing a home. Let our specialists help you get it right the first go-around by maximizing resources to ensure optimal MLS photos.

What is included in our 2-hour customized staging consultation:

· Comprehensive Walk and Talk Preview: Our stagers walk with the seller(s) to help plan out the fine details for staging their home. This includes paint selections, tagging items, furniture arrangements and more to showcase the home’s best features.

· Staging Transformation as Time Allows: This is where the plans come to life! Depending on the needs of the house, and where clients are in their preparation journey, our Stagers, equipped with furniture sliders, help with the transformation work. We have creative ideas that will increase your value with today’s buyers!

· Top 10 List: We explore the best way to prepare homes for sale. It is important at the end of our time together, clients have a list of their top 10 priorities. We keep the important things important and let the rest go.

· Quick Staging Tips Handout: There are things every seller needs to do when selling their house. During our short time together, we want to focus on the things that are unique to our clients. The rest we provide in our Quick Staging Tips handout; things like how to prepare your closet, what to pre-pack, how to deal with smells or pets, and more. This keeps us focused on your needs, maximizing our time together.

· How to Live in Your Staged Home Handout: Some clients need to live in their home while it’s on the market; so, we’ve gathered a bunch of helpful tips through the years to help you do just that. We realized the closer the match of marketing photos; the more buyers will be impressed with the listing.

Let The Wow Factor help with the pre-listing work! Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Contact us for a consultation today!